Modern Skate Park
February 25, 2023


After 10 years Bitter Cold Showdown is happening one last time.

At Modern Skate Park.

An encore.

One final trade show.

One final contest.

One final champion.

And a few surprises.

Let’s make it count.


1. Luke Naylor (USA)

2. Julien Cudot (France)

3. Joe Atkinson (UK)



Adam Bazydlo, Antony Pottier, CJ Wellsmore, Montre Livingston, Zack Savage, Steven Moll, Eli Lindauer



Alex Hancook, Andrew Broom, BJ Remz, Chad Hornish, Chris Couture, Chynna Weierstall, Diego Guilloud, Jeff Dalnas, Jesus Gabriel Rivera, Koda Hult, Lauric Picard, Michael Froemling, Patrick Andersen, Wake Schepman, Zack Pollak, Sean Kelso


Heat assignments & judging criteria

frequently asked questions

Is this really the last event?

This will absolutely be the last and final Bitter Cold Showdown. After this, there will be no other opportunities to experience the event.
So don’t miss it!

Will there be a Womens contest?

There will be no specific contest for women. Or beginners, amateurs, veterans or quads. If you have extensive competition experience, please register for the advanced rollerblading contest.
There are no gender or age restrictions.

Is the contest open to anyone?

The contest is not open to all competitors. Extensive competition experience is required. There will only be 1 advanced rollerblading contest.
Not all registrations will be accepted.

If I'm not competing, can I still skate?

Yes. Although the contest will utilize a majority of the park, Modern Skate Park is a huge facility. Many areas of the park such as the smaller street courses, mini-ramps, bowl and vert ramp will not likely see any action during the contest and can be skated throughout the day.

Will there be an Amateur contest?

Unfortunately, no. Although past events were open to all competitors, for this encore, we can only focus on the advanced contest.

Do I need a helmet?

Helmets are required for anyone under 18 and strongly recommended for all. Helmets are available to rent or buy.